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Montgomery Cricket Club - Youth Section

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Membership - 

In 2002 Montgomery Cricket Club made a conscious decision to promote a policy of youth development and has been operating a youth section for 7 years; we now have over 80 registered young members of 15 years old and younger. The club strongly believes that all youngsters should be given the chance to play cricket in a supportive and friendly environment and in providing this, the club will ensure that the future of the club and cricket in general, will be secured. The club operates four youth teams including Under 9 years old, Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15. This year it is hoped, also, to develop a girls team (covering a mixed age group from 9 to 14). We would encourage children of all ages to attend although, as a guideline, children under the age of 7 may struggle with the length and structure of the sessions.

The annual subscription for youth members is £10 per annum and this allows for each youth member to attend any or all of the Thursday evening coaching sessions taken by our qualified coaching team, for use of club kit and, if appropriate, to qualify to play for one of the youth teams. The subscriptions are kept deliberately low to encourage younger members to attend and therefore to promote cricket in the local community.

The parent/carer of each youth member is required to complete a Membership Form for the individual, with key personal details, at the first coaching session that they attend. The annual subscription may also be paid at this time.

Queries regarding membership arrangements may be addressed to Keith or Anne Griffiths (01686 630404).

2012 Round-up - 

The season proved to be the most frustrating ever experienced with more than half the Thursday coaching sessions cancelled because of rain. Most of the league games for the three teams in the Shropshire League were also cancelled and so the leagues were abandoned. However, 11 games were played across the three age groups with nine being won – the U11s remained unbeaten in their games played and the U13s and U15s only lost once each.

Attendance at coaching was mixed due to the erratic nature of the weather, but coaching sessions were held at Montgomery School during May and June.

The club had nine representatives in the mid-Wales squads, and eight have been selected for the 2013 squads.

Under 11 Awards
Batting (sponsored by Andrew Black) Charlie Kinsey
Bowling (sponsored by John Jones) Lennon Brian

Under 13 Awards
Batting (sponsored by Stan Davies) Ieuan Griffiths
Bowling (sponsored by Neil Tuffin) Will Rees

Under 15 Awards
Batting (sponsored by Steve Clinton) Joe Haycock
Bowling (sponsored by Jonathan Williams) Patrick Fletcher

Other Awards
Outstanding Performance (sponsored by John Barker) Harry Wilkinson
Most Improved Player (sponsored by Keith Griffiths) Chanel Willis and Ethan Bowen

2011 Round-up - 

On paper the 2011 season compared poorly with the very successful 2010 season, but in fact the youth section had seen much re-building and many players developed. The Under 13 squad lost to champions Bishops Castle in a play-off and the Under 15s won half their games. The Under 11 squad (which contained many players who will spend a further year or two in this age group) saw improvement through the year of both the team and individual players, which bodes well for the future.

The club had eight representatives in the mid-Wales squads, and ten have been selected for the 2012 squads.

There are two new Level Two coaches, Andrew Black and Gareth Griffiths, and four new Level One coaches, including Hayley Griffiths - who intends to encourage girls to take up the game.

There was a very successful Bowlathon fundraising evening held which raised £769.50 and was well supported by all the youth members and their families. Our grateful thanks to all who took part.

One of the more memorable moments of the season's coaching evenings was the filming of the Weatherman Walking programme on Offas Dyke with a vigorous youth coaching session taking place on Lymore Park in the background!

Under 11 Awards
Batting (sponsored by Andrew Black) Nye Owen
Bowling (sponsored by John Jones) Eogan Jones

Under 13 Awards
Batting (sponsored by Stan Davies) Patrick Fletcher
Bowling (sponsored by Neil Tuffin) James Corfield

Under 15 Awards
Batting (sponsored by Steve Clinton) Harry Wilkinson
Bowling (sponsored by Jonathan Williams) Joe Haycock

Other Awards
Outstanding Performance (sponsored by John Barker) Patrick Fletcher
Most Improved Player (sponsored by Keith Griffiths) Craig Allan

2010 Round-up - 

The Junior Section had a remarkable season with all three age groups reaching the Shropshire finals of their respective age groups. The Under 11s won their competition by beating Ellesmere by 25 runs in the final, and if a couple of catches had been held the Under 13s would also have triumphed. The Under 15s lost to a very strong Frankton side including a number of county players, but Charlie Clinton’s 50 not out was the outstanding performance of the day. The club has also continued to promote the sport in local schools, with training sessions held at Montgomery Primary School, Abermule Primary School and Ysgol Dafydd Llwyd.

At the Junior Awards Evening the Performance of the Year Award was won by Ieuan Griffiths for his three wickets for no runs against Welshpool, and Alex Haycock was recognised as the most improved player.

Under 11 Awards
Batting (sponsored by Andrew Black) Patrick Fletcher
Bowling (sponsored by John Jones) Harry Long

Under 13 Awards
Batting (sponsored by Stan Davies) Harry Wilkinson
Bowling (sponsored by Neil Tuffin) Harry Long

Under 15 Awards
Batting (sponsored by Steve Clinton) Charlie Clinton
Bowling (sponsored by Jonathan Williams) James Corfield

2009 Round-up - 

Once again Montgomery has been home to a very successful youth section, and this year the senior teams have begun reaping the benefits of the policy that began in 2002. Current and former youth players are now playing in both the first XI and second XI, most notably Gareth Griffiths, Steve Gibbs, Jakob Sharman and Jack Williams. This has seen a reduction in the average age of the senior teams for the first time in many years, and demonstrates the success of the club’s structure, coaching and planning. It was fitting that our accreditation award was made by the England and Wales Cricket Board on a youth coaching evening. It was a great night for the club and all the players benefitted from coaching by Glamorgan stars Adam Shantry and Chris Ashling

Within the age groups there have been many players whose skills and knowledge of the game have steadily improved through the season, none more so than Eoin Jones, who took the inaugural ‘Most Improved Youth Player of the Season’ award sponsored by Keith Griffiths. Other senior members and Vice Presidents have recognised the importance of the youth work by sponsoring a series of other awards to record the achievements of our young players, and the winners for each group are noted below. Beyond the club, six of our players have represented mid-Wales in their age groups and twelve have been put forward for regional winter training sessions beginning in November.

Under 9's - Unfortunately the planned Under 9s Festival fell victim to the weather this season so we weren’t able to repeat one of the most successful events of last year. We’re looking forward to a similar event in 2010 though!

Under 11's The Under 11s include a number of promising players and they ended the season as joint winners of their section of the league alongside Bishops Castle. Unfortunately the other section of the league failed to fulfill their fixtures so the team was denied the climax to the season they deserved.
Batting (sponsored by Andrew Black) James Corfield
Bowling (sponsored by John Jones) Patrick Fletcher

Under 13's The Under 13s have made great progress this year and deserved their mid-table finish. The most notable win was by three wickets against a strong Bishops Castle side.
Batting (sponsored by Stan Davies) Harry Wilkinson
Bowling (sponsored by Neil Tuffin) Alec Jones

Under 15's The Montgomery side was the outstanding one in the region, winning their section of the league unbeaten. The other section of the league failed to fulfill their fixtures so, like the Under 11s, they were denied the chance to challenge for the overall Shropshire title.
Batting (sponsored by Steve Clinton) Jack Williams
Bowling (sponsored by Jonathan Williams) Rupert Sheppard

Youth Outstanding Performance It’s been a while since a Montgomery bowler has celebrated a hat trick, but this year Ethan Lewis achieved this rare feat on his way to taking five wickets in two overs against Bishops Castle for the Under 11s.

News from 2008 - 

Under 9's - We held a very successful under 9's festival this year which Alberbury attended as a guest side. Montgomery fielded 3 teams consisting of 23 players. It was soft ball cricket which enable all to enjoy a taste of the game in safety. The weather was good for us all day. A big thanks goes to Andrew Black for organising the festival and the Montgomery "Tea Team" for helping with food and drink, assisted by many of the players parents. This is something that we will look to do again in the future.

Under 11's - Our under 11's attended a regional festival in Brecon in May, playing sides from across Mid Wales. They won one match and narrowly lost the other. In the local Powys League we played against Welshpool on three occasions, winning 1 and loosing two games. However, Welshpool fielded 5 Mid Wales players, we fielded 5, 9 year olds and still competed well. The future looks bright. James Corfield and Harry Wilkinson both represented Mid Wales. Thanks must go to Andrew Black and Phil Betts who coached the side this year.

Under 13's - Our under 13's played in the Shropshire League and Powys League. In Shropshire they competed very well with some strong sides coming third. In Powys we proved far to strong for the other local sides and were made Mid Wales under 13's Champions. Charlie Clinton, captain, collected the trophy on behalf of the team. Charlie & Rhys Roberts both represented Mid Wales. Thanks goes to Richard Blayney, Andrew Black and Keith Griffiths for coaching the side.

Under 15's - Again the side played in Shropshire & Powys leagues. In Shropshire we finished third, and played some very strong sides acquiting ourselves very well. In Powys, we were able to pass on the experiences and beat the local Newtown & Welshpool teams comfortably and were made Mid Wales champions. Gareth Griffiths collected the trophy on behalf of his team. Gareth represented Mid Wales at under 15's level, with Jack Williams, Jacob Langton and Rupert Shepherd representing the under 14's at a festival in Cardiff, as did Charlie Clinton from our under 13's. Thanks goes to Jonathan Williams and Keith Griffiths for coaching the side.

Coaching - 

Part of the policy of MCC in developing Youth cricket is to ensure that the club trains and provides qualified coaches to support the development and safety of younger members. To this end the club have financed seven members to qualify as ECB Level 1 cricket coaches and the youth section is managed by Keith Griffiths, who is a Level 2 coach (currently undergoing training for his Level 3 qualification); Keith also manages the Mid Wales Under 15 squad.

The Youth Section has coaching every Thursday evening from 6pm to 8pm (6 pm to 7.30 for under 11 and younger) from May to the end of August. Each age group is is given group coaching by qualified coaches and all equipment required is provided. However, we would ask that each child attending is provided with a hat (to protect against the sun), a drink (to help avoid dehydration) and appropriate clothing (especially footwear). We would also ask that no child wears boxer style underwear to coaching sessions or matches, as this will not allow them to wear all the appropriate protective equipment.

Please take great care when driving from the Chirbury Road to the ground, as the road is single track and is often used by walkers, cyclists, children and farm animals. We recommend that the maximum speed on this road should be 20 mph.

Youth Committee - 

The Club runs a Youth Committee that meets three times a year to help administer and support the Youth Section. The committee reports to the Management Committee. This Committee has a membership of 7 and the members are:

Chair                            - Keith Griffiths
Secretary                      - Vicky Ruffcock
Administrator                 - Ann Griffiths
Playing Representative   - Under 15 Captain
Playing Representative   - Under-13 Captain
Parental Representative  - Rob Ainscow
Parental Representative  - Chris Clinton

The Committee is kept small and unbeaurocratic to encourage contributions. Any issues that youth members or their parents/carers wish to be discussed at this Committee, can be raised with any member of the Committee. Minutes of the meetings are published within two weeks of the meetings and posted on the Club notice board in the clubhouse.

Code of Conduct - 

To ensure that the club can aspire to the highest standards of play and behavior we ask that all members adhere to ECB codes of conduct for Members, for Visitors & Guests and Youth Members. The club's codes of conduct are provided to all members (and their parents/carers, for younger members) on completion of membership forms and payment of subscription. In this way the club can be sure that the younger members of the club are coached cricket in a supportive, safe and friendly environment.
Copies of the Codes of Conduct are also displayed promenantly at the clubhouse.

Teams and Leagues- 

The arrangements for each youth team that the club runs are as follows:

Squad              Club Contacts

Under 9's   -     Andrew Black (07889 494786).
                                                       No leagues exist for this age group but teams are fielded for one day festivals

Under 11's  -     Andrew Black (07889 494786) and Clive Jones.
                                                        Playing in the Manby Bowlder Shropshire league.

Under 13's  -     Andrew Black (07889 494786) and Robert Kinsey (01588 620110).
                                                        Playing in the Manby Bowlder Shropshire league.

Under 15's  -     Keith Griffiths (01686 630404).  
                                                         Playing in the Manby Bowlder Shropshire league.